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Classification of Underwater Mammals

Innovative Engineering Lab


Project Proposal

Mammal Identifier System

Initial design for an underwater mammal identification device using machine learning and signal processing. Created with a goal of implementing audio signals of dolphin and whale voices to alert motorized boats of mammal presence in underwater locations. Utilization of filters to minimize noise from external factors to increase to accuracy of the identification of specific mammals.


Mammal Species Collection

Our selection also was focused on implementing a solution to decrease the number of propeller collisions with mammals. In order to develop an algorithm to apply to this issue, we selected a few endangered species such as the Northern Whale and Atlantic Dolphin categories.


Humpback Whale

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Northern Right Whale

Bottlenose Dolphin

False Killer Whale

Spinner Dolphin

Pilot Whale

White Sided Dolphin

Killer Whale

White Beaked Dolphin

Below are audio samples for each of the chosen mammal species.

Image by TJ Fitzsimmons


Research of Classification for Underwater Mammals involves constant analysis of the hypotheses we explore. Since 2022, we have been driven by this mission of discovery. Read on to find out more about our latest work.

Image by Markus Winkler

Upcoming Research Project Plan

Explanation of future ideas and tasks to be completed to reach our goal of implementation for the Identification Device.

Image by Alessandro Bianchi

Project's Preliminary Research

This section provides a background on initial progress for the Mammal Identifier System. Here is an explanation of challenges that have been faced and our possibilities for overcoming these hurdles.